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About Us
Where hearts and souls unite with the blessings of the parents and elders in the family, MadhuMilan is a novel approach towards match-making. MadhuMilan is a unique experience that brings soul-mates together in a manner never before experienced. It harmoniously combines the power of latest technology with the ambiance of traditional matrimonial customs. It is not just yet another profile searching commercial website. It is a cutting edge technology that is provided on a user-friendly platform supported by trusting, courteous and caring service with a personal touch.
1. Exclusively for the Indian community worldwide:
Our mission is to provide the best matches for our Indian brethren spread all over the world. You will find brings families, parents, to-be-brides and grooms together, to explore NRI profiles from around the world. This includes Indian profiles from major rural and urban locations in India as well as foreign countries around the globe which have been populated by Indian families.
2. Extensive database:
MadhuMilan's proprietary database integrates profiles located at several matrimonial websites and centers around the globe. What distinguishes MadhuMilan from other match-making matrimonial sites is the suitor's ability to directly register their profiles for free, search matching profiles from an extensive database along with the ability to initiate the electronic communications with other profiles. Further the user can log on directly and register their profile or view other such registered members. Besides they can also benefit from scanning all those profiles registered with our associate match-making centers all over the world.
3. Privacy:
To protect your privacy, we do not display your last name, detailed postal address, email address, contact numbers on our web site. At MadhuMilan the user's personal information is securely guarded with the state of the art technology. The user does not have to worry about his/her information being misused. MadhuMilan's user-friendly interface provides the user a complete control over the information they would like to be projected to other individuals. Upon availability of suitable matches, a built-in process ensures that the required information is not provided to suitors without the user's prior consent.
4. How it works:
You can send messages to any matching profile. Once they accept your invitation then you have full control over the process. You direct what personal information you would like to exchange through our secure messaging facility. In addition you can accept/reject or block messages from other members. You can also block the entire profile from being displayed in your search as well as your profile being displayed in their search.
5. Credibility:
Verification and Validation of the information available on match-making sites can be a very arduous task and at times impossible. At MadhuMilan we take that onus onto ourselves. Since we function through our numerous associates centers all over the world, we can easily get any profile verified through our local sources.
6. Specific search-criteria:
We have an extensive database at MadhuMilan and therefore are providing you with a range of search criteria like community, age, education and many other relevant personal criteria. We will continue to strive and make your match-making experience comfortable and effective.
7. Special Features:
  1. Quick search
  2. Detailed / Advance search
  3. My Partner Preference search - based on different parameters which you have defined in your profile
  4. Profile Id search
  5. Bookmark / My Favorite search
  6. Family Collaboration
  7. Profile Statistics:
  8. My Event/Groups Search - Based on the common interests, you can search by event/groups
Profile Statistics includes information like
  • Who contacted you?
  • Whom did you contact?
  • Who is waiting for your response?
  • Whose response is yet expected?
  • Profiles you visited
  • Who is viewing your profile?
  • Profiles you blocked
  • Your favorites
  • Your family favorites
8. Service and not a business:
Last but not the least, our main purpose behind this site is not generation of business but to provide our worldwide community an unmatched matrimonial service. MadhuMilan is not just a match-making site but a gesture of uniting our own community all over the world and providing them the best that is possible.